Hi! My name is Bárbara and I am an artist specializing in editorial and commercial illustration, with a focus on creating thought-provoking, painterly and organic images

I like to represent ideas figuratively, trying to express complex concepts through slightly altered realities that connect the natural and the abstract; I enjoy creating unrealistic scenes in a realistic way

The colour palette in my pieces is usually bright and colorful, including contrasts of cool/warm and complementary colors, seeking for vibrant and aesthetic compositions. I would love to contribute with my images to raise awareness for causes I consider important such as climate crisis, human rights or social behaviors.

The usual elements in my paintings and illustrations are mainly related to nature, the human figure and portraits, as I am fascinated by the beauty and complexity of bodies and believe that their representation helps to create an immediate connection with the piece.

Most of my work focuses on illustration and painting, although lately I am exploring the possibilities of ceramics in my personal work. I am a self-taught artist as my formal studies have not, to date, been related to the creative field. However, out of hobby and interest, I have been in contact with artistic practice since childhood and I have taken different courses along the way that have helped me to acquire the current basis.

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