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Hello ! It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m very happy that you’ve come from so far away. My name is Bárbara and I am a freelance artist specialising in painting and pictorial illustration.



My work is mostly related with the human figure and portraiture in a realistic and colourful style, with a choice of colour palette that often includes cool/warm and complementary colour contrasts, obtaining vibrant and aesthetic compositions as a result. 


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I would love to help you highlight and empower your messages by creating unique images and compositions for you.


I have specialised in a painterly and colourful style but I am very versatile, that is, I have the flexibility to adapt to your needs. My illustration work is mainly digital but developed in a similar way to how I would do it analogically in my paintings, emulating the technique of oil and pastel, so my stroke is usually quite visible in the final artwork. 


To draw for you: I am specialized in editorial illustration (book / magazine covers, images for articles / press ...), advertising (ads, posters ...) and corporate illustration (web, social networks, packaging, labels ...)


We can integrate an illustration created for you wherever you need it, including other graphic elements to complete the design. We can also work on custom designs, which do not include one of my illustrations.  

Let me help you with editorial design (brochures, posters), product design (packaging, label graphics...) or brand design (corporate image, cards, RRSS...).

  • Initial proposal (sketch and colour test)
  • Revision from the sketch
  • Creation of the final art. I will provide a high resolution file (.jpg, .png, .tiff) in CMYK for print and RGB for web
  • Text writing or translations are not included by default.
  • Use rights of the illustrations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Your need is unique. Contact me, tell me your needs and I will provide a tailored quote.


Did you know that paint gives you more than just a decorative function?


Surrounding yourself with shapes and colours that you find attractive brings wellbeing and aesthetic balance to your spaces, helping you to feel good in your environment.


If you want to decorate your home with original works even if you don’t have a big budget to spend on art, I encourage you to visit my shop.


In my shop you can find my work for sale. If you would like to decorate your home with one of my paintings, you can buy it in a couple of clicks.

Occasionally I also make commissions, contact me to tell me about your idea. 


You can buy original work and sometimes, limited printed series. 

In all cases they include a hand signature and the shipment is made with rigid cardboard reinforcement, so that it arrives in perfect conditions.

How did I get here?


I've always loved creative activities, especially drawing and painting, although I love everything that involves doing; pottery, crafts, sewing or even bricolage.

I’ve always loved creative activities, especially drawing and painting, although I love everything that involves doing; pottery, crafts, sewing or even bricolage.


I would say that my first memories related to all this are in my father’s pottery workshop, he also loves arts and is a clear influence for me in this sense. As I was always drawing as a child, my parents signed me up for painting classes after school; there I learnt the basics of what I do, until I was about 14, when I stopped doing it to focus on my studies and so on. I studied mechanical engineering, I continued to learn and live experiences, less related to the artistic field but equally enriching. 

I was more than a decade without painting practically anything (10 years yes… amazing) and having forgotten one of my passions, I began to feel that something was missing. In 2018 I began to paint again for no particular reason, simply out of necessity and fun. 

From then on, it was clear to me that I wanted to become a professional in the creative field and I began to study in my free time.

I discovered illustration practically by chance and I was passionate about it as a job. With all this I consider myself a versatile and multidisciplinary profile, combining artistic and technical knowledge, acquired in my experience as an engineer, which allows a different point of view.

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